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Ólafur Gíslason

6 months ago

Windows update caused chaos

Last Windows update came to my Surface without warning. It was already there when I started. Suddenly a couple of days later I found out that my HDD was full and Pc in difficulties. I found out that Update had diverted my OneDrive sync process automatically to my HDD and filled it completely. I am still trying to solve this disaster. HDD has difficulties in cleaning and OD has difficulties in syncing. Before Update everything went fine since I unchecked File on demand as I do not trust OneDrive anymore for all my files. I had external drive for all my files and OD was synchronized with this external drive without problems. Without any warning Windows started diverting and syncing all my files to my HDD and oveloading it. What a disaster! As I can not trust any online company for monopoly of all my files I can not accept the File-on-demand option. Windows is obviously trying to make this monopoly power obligatory. Which makes me consider another cloud service. At the moment I have my data fortumnately on my external drive. I am trying to delete OneDrive from HDD but it seems in difficulties. There is no space left for this process. I tried to uninstall OneDrive program from HDD in order to reinstall on external drive, but HDD could not uninstall. Microsoft has made a violent invation on my PC and caused a complete chaos. Any assistance to this problem?