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2 years ago

Windows Update giving error 0x80070002 before downloading

I have that issue that I was unable to download last three OS builds. I thought the only solution is downloading the OS and by pass the Window Update. Windows update repair tool did not find any problem. I was able to locate a way to download the last OS Build. Somebody with same error 0x80070002 but it was able to download the last Build up to 7%. My issue was worse. After downloading and installation of the last Build, I was able thanks to God, to fix the issue with Windows update. I checked updates and no more errors. I did CHKDSK and disk errors found. I fixed it and all was ok. I had another issue with stand by and hibernation in which the PC froze after I tried to awake up. After all done, I was able to fix that too. I write this to share my solution with other people with the same issue so they can resolve their issue too..