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*Edited a year ago

Wireless earbuds for Windows 10 device

I bought Power Beats Pro and ended up returning them after using 2-3 days. I am mainly using it for listening to music and communication for Teams/Zoom meeting. They fulfilled almost all the categories that I was looking for, but then...When I tried to use them during online meeting, mic would create very loud white noise-ish sound and couldn't fix it. After uninstalling/installing several times, it went away, but then same problem came back only a few charging cycle later. My go-to headphones have been Bose Q-35 that works flawlessly but wanted to switch to wireless earbuds type now. I watched and read lots of reviews about Surface Earbuds but I think I will wait for 2nd gen to be released. things that I consider important are : reliability, connectivity (no drop out), latency(for video watching/editing), battery life (for work hour usage), audio quality and COMFORT! What are some wireless earbuds people use here? My desktop is custom built with Windows 10 latest update. 👍✔