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Achal Gupta

8 months ago

Would you prefer that the Windows be more consisent.I would

We all know that Windows 10 as an operating system is very inconsistent. For example, Windows 10 has 2 settings menus which mostly have the exact same things just duplicated. Also, if you scan all the dropdown menus in Windows 10, there are about four types, one of them being a fluent design type context menu-one that Microsoft should stick to, and the others literally being ripped out of Windows Vista and 7 and glued to Windows 10. In fact, one of the default apps in Windows 10, WordPad, as I've heard, are literally pulled out of Windows operating systems that are 20 years old! Hence I urge you all to voice out your opinions on this inconsistent Windows were Dark Mode is like half-baked pie. Share your experiences with the inconsistency. I hope it gets to Microsoft. Thank you!