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Sean Nave

6 months ago

Writing Block

Hello Microsoft, I want help with a project that has taken me 13 years to complete, my biography history of things close to me written in three million note-slides in Microsoft Publisher. I want to turn my life story of events that started with my Grandparents and Parents who fled Romanian in the late 1950s to Israel. Then because of my cerebral palsy, and search for an easier path the me. Thus about 41 years ago, we moved to the United States, where mu parents ran a kosher supermarket, had my brother, a normal man who learn as I did how to kosher meat, accounting, and commercial real estate. I was in a traumatic brain injury in February of 2005, and have spent the past 15 years recovering. Meanwhile, my bother is married with two wonderful small kids, I want to write stories based on facts about my family, history of various Presidents, and things like cerebral palsy & traumatic brain injury because it has consumed my life for a number of years. I want to know if I am doing the right thing using Squarespace, an idea driven model for assistance in my quest? I do not know where else to turn with an array of book modals, that I want to pitch to Wiley when this is over. Thank you for letting me vent out my ideas, even if it does not make to much scene to you, but I just want to write books, and become an intermediator between the insurance companies and the policyholders in all the United States. ---- Sean Nave