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Tikno G

8 months ago

Your main purpose of having Windows OS

A. Business. You just want a reliable operating system to support your business growth, like running accounting program to print a bill to get money. Not care about Windows features, update nor the upgrade. B. Gaming. Only learn Windows features related to games. C. Browsing. Just read the news, weather information, find products, shopping, manage online stores, social media. Not learn much about Windows features. D. Tech enthusiast. Always want to know all the features inside Windows, including tinkering Windows OS & computer to learn something. E. Children's learning. Almost likely you have to reinstall Windows often. F. ...... ??? (please add yours) That's just my envision. Maybe you have another story. Would you like to share it? Psst, there is someone just happy to have a premium laptop with latest Windows OS but just put it on the table.