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Windows Community takes you behind the scenes of Windows. Connect with the people who make and use it. See how your favorite features and apps come together and learn how to get the most out of Windows.

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use the arrow keys to navigate through the pivots and tab to focus on focusable content inside a pivot section

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Sign in with your Microsoft account to leave comments for Windows engineers, Follow an article or video discussion, or start a new conversation. To sign in, select Sign in located at the top right corner of the screen. If you don’t have a Microsoft account yet, create one here .

Once signed in, open your Account manager menu and select My Profile. There, you can edit your profile by changing your picture, display name, and more. Select Save, at the bottom of the page, to save your updates. You can also check your activities and awards on the My Profile page.

When you Follow a topic or a conversation, you’ll receive activity notifications weekly to the email associated with your Microsoft account. If there is no activity on a topic that week, you won’t receive an email.

If you decide that you no longer want to follow a topic or conversation, select Following to Unfollow.

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Learn more about Windows Community Awards

use the arrow keys to navigate through the pivots and tab to focus on focusable content inside a pivot section

Earn award badges by participation in conversations, sharing articles, and interacting with others within the Windows Community. From your first post to providing reactions to articles you like, awards are earned as you reach milestones (typically 1, 5, 10, 15, 25…etc.). Hover over an award to see the date it was earned. Review your earned awards by visiting the awards section within your profile area . Once there, you will see...

Earned Reward

Earned Reward

Next Reward

Next Reward

This view shows you the awards you have earned to date (they will appear in full color), and the next award you can earn for each accomplishment (this will be faded). There is no limit to the number of badges you can earn.

Have fun participating in Weekly Challenges and earn a new award every week! Look at the purple banner to see the new challenge and the days remaining to complete it. Once the challenge is completed, you will receive a new award.

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Connect, support & feedback

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Connect with the community

Exchange ideas, discuss favorite features or share interesting ways of using Windows.

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Get support for Windows 10

Windows Community is not a customer support channel. Please use these resources:

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Give feedback on Windows 10

Send suggestions or report problems through Feedback Hub to help Microsoft improve your Windows 10 experience.

Windows Community Team

Team member Anita George image

Anita George

Leader of Windows Community

I create and manage the Windows Community strategy.

By living in the Pacific Northwest, I get the opportunity to take photos of bald eagles, mountains, glaciers, alpine lakes, and waterfalls.

Team member Julie Feinerman image

Julie Feinerman

Senior Social Media Manager

I lead the Windows Community social media strategy & community management.

World traveler, karaoke rapper, soccer player, snack slayer. Now accepting baked goods. Today and all days.

Team member Corina Bulai image

Corina Bulai

Principal Program Manager

I'm responsible for the Windows Community website features and experimentation.

I am a coffee lover, so the Seattle area is the perfect place to be. I like being active and learning new things. Tennis is my new exploration!

Team member YoonSun Jung image

YoonSun Jung

Senior Program Manager

I manage Windows Community content development and process from planning to publishing.

I love classical music: listening a symphony and watching an opera make me feel alive!

Team member Shavkat Karimov image

Shavkat Karimov

Principal Program Manager

I'm in charge of the Windows Community growth and engagement, and external communications.

I love playing ping pong and play it everywhere I can.

Team member Swati Kaul image

Swati Kaul

Senior Engineering Lead

I lead the Windows Community website development team and light up features that help our users engage with Windows engineers!

I love living here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest , traveling with my family, and participating in many outdoor sports.

Team member JJ Kim image

JJ Kim

Video Producer

I create informative & fun videos and photos for Windows Community website and social channel.

I enjoy exploring new places in Washington with my family. For myself, cycling is one of my favorite activities.

Team member Srinivasa Rao Malladi image

Srinivasa Rao Malladi

Principal PM Manager

I'm responsible for content, social and community engagement.

I enjoy playing sports and reading non-fiction books. I played a lot of soccer until recently. These days I play and coach badminton.

Team member Robert Su image

Robert Su

Software Engineer

I am part of the developer team building the Windows Community website.

I love basketball, crossfit, and Super Smash Brother Ultimate.

Team member Simran Gulati image

Simran Gulati

Program Manager

I drive new features & functionality from end to end on the platform.

I love dancing, playing board games, animals, and food! But mostly food. Lots of food.

Team member Fan Zhang image

Fan Zhang

Senior Software Engineer

I analyze the Windows Community impact on Windows.

I love playing Bridge, traveling, and tasting yummy food.

Team member Wendy Baune image

Wendy Baune

Program Manager

I connect engineers with our frontline retail store employees through career experiences and retail store connection sessions.

I love traveling, food and wine, and spending my free time enjoying any combo of the three.

Team member Paul Foty image

Paul Foty

Program Manager

I have the pleasure of working with our retail store employees and engineers to improve our products for our customers!

I am a geek that loves 3D printing and all things technology related, as well as hiking and enjoying the mountains here in the Pacific Northwest.