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Vista disables 256 color mode by default, but if you right-click on the install file, select properties, then the Compatibility Tab there should be an option to run in 256 color mode, though I don't know of many games where setting your system to 256 color mode will fix the installation program. Good luck, Andy.

Windows 7. 256 colors? I am trying to set my laptop running Windows 7 to 256 colors in order to connect it to my old tv. How do I do this since the only options I can find are 16 bit and 32 bit?

Windows XP mode 256 Colors I have this program that uses a 16-Bit installer, and I have a 64-bit computer, so I used Windows XP mode. The program installed okay, but It requires 256-colors.

Program only works right on 256 color mode. ... When it comes to the gameplay the game run really fast its unplayebull its like its 10000 fps but when i tryed using 256 color mode the game whent to normal speed as it should but now the game looks like **** is there a way for me to play it without 256 color mode and still run in normal speed?

Set the compatability mode (checked the 256 color mode box) for the app on the sequencing VM, allowing the app to run properly. Pushed the package through the server to the client. Ran the app on the client --> This program requires 256 color mode. Exit.