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dir | clip To copy the output of a program called generic.awk to the Windows clipboard, type: awk -f generic.awk input.txt | clip To copy the contents of a file called readme.txt to the Windows clipboard, type: clip < readme.txt Additional References. Command-Line Syntax Key

Get started. Click Start.. Click Programs.. Select Microsoft Office, and then select Microsoft Clip Organizer (If you’re using Office 2010 you may need to first open the Microsoft Office 2010 Tools folder to find it).. Add clips to the Organizer from a folder. On the File menu, point to Add Clips to Organizer, and then click On My Own.. Locate the folder that contains the clips you want to add.

Select Take screenshot (the camera icon) to take a picture of what’s happening in the game. For full-screen PC games, use Windows logo key + Alt + G to start and stop recording. To edit a clip, select the Xbox button to open the Xbox app and then select Captures. Use Xbox Game Bar to capture game clips and screenshots on Windows 10.

Search for a clip. In Clip Organizer, on the Standard toolbar, click Search . In the Search task pane, in the Search for box, type a word or phrase that describes the clip you want, or type in all or part of the file name of the clip. To narrow your search: To limit search results to a type of media file, in the Results should be box, click the ...

OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip is a mobile gaming connection designed specifically for Xbox to ensure zero interference with your controller’s functionality, all while balancing the weight of your phone perfectly to keep your wrists comfortable for hours of gaming. * Clamp fits OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell, Xbox One controller, Xbox Series X|S controller, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller ...