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"Important: Camera Upload can only be used on one account at a time. If you are also a OneDrive for Business user, select the appropriate Camera upload account." Normally this feature only works with personal accounts, doesn't works with School or business accounts.

When I open OneDrive it says to turn on camera upload at the top. Once I turn the upload option that goes away. Now in the settings it shows camera upload like you were talking about in the original post. Have you tried to clear the data and cache for the app and open it back up to see if the option for camera upload comes back?

I just realized my Camera Upload has not been working for about a week and a half. When I go into Photos in the OneDrive Android app, it gives me the error: "Camera upload is paused, Sign in to continue" even though I am signed in. I have tried signing out and signing back in, but no luck. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Camera Upload can only be used on one account at a time. Photos uploaded through the Camera Upload feature will automatically be sorted by Year and Month into nested folders in the Camera Roll folder. This can be controlled by the “Organization” Settings in the Camera Upload settings page.