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How to build a basic chatbot. Module 8 Units Beginner Business Analyst Developer App Maker Power Platform Power Virtual Agents Learn how you can leverage Power Virtual Agents to quickly and easily create powerful bots using a guided, no-code graphical experience. Learning objectives In this module, you will: Create a bot for the first time ...

The chatbot consist of a web widget that installs on your web page and an administrator portal where you can train and manage your solution. The chatbot is part of the larger Simplifai Digital Employee Platform allowing companies to easily administrate a portfolio of automation solutions.

After the building process is finished, you can create a bot in your team. In the list of teams, select your team and then New chatbot to make your bot. Delete a bot. You can delete bots to remove them from your team. Click the settings cog icon at the bottom of the Power Virtual Agents side navigation pane. On the General tab, select Delete bot.

You can create and manage your chatbots using the Chatbots option in the left navigation pane. To create a chatbot, select Chatbots, then Create, and then select New chatbot. This will take you directly to the Power Virtual Agents portal where you can create your chatbot. For more information, see Create a bot in Power Virtual Agents