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Core isolation Core isolation provides added protection against malware and other attacks by isolating computer processes from your operating system and device. Select Core isolation details to enable, disable, and change the settings for core isolation features.

Core Isolation Settings Don't Exist (Memory Integrity/Driver Problem) (TL;DR below) Because my computer has suddenly begun to have driver problems (inability to install any driver [even the one I'm already using], as the computer claims it's incompatible.

Core Isolation HP 750-170se . Windows 10 home . under Settings under Device Security I am not presented with the Core Isolation option . instead , I am told : Standard hardware security not supported

Core Isolation won't turn back on I used to be able to freely toggle core isolation on and off, I had to turn it off so I run VM's (apparently Windows 10 Home doesn't like sharing when it comes to virtualisation), anyway a month later I decided it's not worth turning off everything that uses virtualisation just because I want to run VM's.