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Cortana helps you remember what's important by setting reminders for the right time and by helping you organize your lists in Microsoft To Do. You can create a reminder with Cortana in Windows by saying, "Set a reminder."

If you previously created a shopping list or a reminder in Cortana, you can now find that information on your PC or mobile device in the Microsoft To Do app. And if you were accustomed to creating alarms or timers with Cortana, you can now use the alarms & clock app on your PC to help keep your day on track.

Reminders: Cortana > Notebook > Organizer > Reminders or. Lists: Cortana > Notebook > Organizer > Lists. Then, sign into the Microsoft To Do app or Outlook with the same personal or enterprise account you used earlier when setting up connected services in Cortana. All your reminders and lists will now be synced across Cortana, Microsoft To Do ...

In the left panel of Windows 10 Calendar, there is a Cortana drop down and a box to check for reminders. I have the box checked, yet when I ask Cortana to "remind me to..." it puts the reminder in