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Edit reminders: You can edit your reminders in the Cortana app on your phone or PC.Select Notebook > Reminders.You’ll see them all there. Cancel a reminder: To cancel a reminder you’ve already created, go to the Cortana app on your phone or PC, select Notebook > Reminders.You can delete it from there. To cancel a reminder while you’re creating it, just say “Cancel” at any time.

Now, if I want to set a reminder, I have to click it, and type in specifically what and type in specific time instead of just saying, "Hey, Cortana, remind me to blah, blah, blah in 15 minutes." When there's devices/apps/programs such as Siri, Alexa, Google all using voice commands, this seems like a massive step backwards for Cortana.

The problem is when I set a reminder using Cortana, it sets the event in the Calendar. But, there is no delete button to remove the reminder in the Calendar App. And, if the reminder is a series, you will see it indefinitely because you cannot remove it from Calendar. This happens only when I use Cortana to set reminders.

In the left panel of Windows 10 Calendar, there is a Cortana drop down and a box to check for reminders. I have the box checked, yet when I ask Cortana to "remind me to..." it puts the reminder in

So far I have tried to delete these reminders from the Windows 10 calendar app, the browser calendar in outlook, and through Cortana. I also deleted my "primary" calendar and replaced it with a new calendar. I asked Cortana to delete it and was directed to a Bing page with the following information: "Cortana reminders on Windows 10