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Cortana works with a variety of services. To connect them, open Cortana, select the Notebook icon and then Connected services. From there, you can add your accounts including: Office 365, LinkedIn, Wunderlist,, and others¹. 3. Download the app. Add the Cortana mobile app to your phone for help when you’re on the go. Set a ...

This app lets you set up and control your Cortana-enabled devices, including the Surface Headphones and Harman Kardon Invoke. The Cortana Device Setup app will also help you connect your music, calendar, and email accounts, stay up to date with the latest software, and give you helpful tips to get started.

Cortana can remind you to do things based on time, places, or people. For example, say, "Remind me to congratulate Tanya the next time she calls." The reminder will appear when you get a call from Tanya. Extra bonus—if you have the Cortana app on your phone, you can sync your notifications between all your devices.

Before you can set up and control your speaker with your PC or mobile device, you need to make sure that you're running the latest version of Windows 10. To update Windows: Select the Start button, then select Settings . Select Update and Security > Check for updates. Once your PC is up to date, you can begin setup: Open Cortana. Select Devices.

Sign in to Cortana with your personal Microsoft account—not a work or school account. Select Devices , then select Get the app. Download the Cortana Device Setup app from the Microsoft Store. Open Cortana, select Devices , then choose Add a new device. Follow the instructions to finish setting up your Surface Headphones with Cortana.