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Dictate is an Office add-in for Windows Outlook, Word and PowerPoint that converts speech to text using the state-of-the-art speech recognition behind Cortana and Microsoft Translator. Download it today and start writing with your voice.

Dictation lets you use speech-to-text to author content in Office with a microphone and reliable internet connection. It's a quick and easy way to get your thoughts out, create drafts or outlines, and capture notes.

Dictate your notes in OneNote. Dictate your presentations and slide notes in PowerPoint. To get a sense of how it works, see the video below: Dictation feedback and requests can be sent via in-app feedback or via 'Was this information helpful?' below. A subscription to make the most of your time.

You can dictate most numbers and punctuation by saying the number or punctuation character. To dictate letters and symbols, say "start spelling." Then say the symbol or letter, or use the ICAO phonetic alphabet. To dictate an uppercase letter, say “uppercase” before the letter. For example, “uppercase A” or “uppercase alpha.”