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Collections syncs across your signed-in devices, so if you use Microsoft Edge on multiple devices, your collections will always be up to date on all of them. Start a collection. ... You can't add notes to collections on iOS or Android devices, but any notes you add on a computer will sync to your collections on a mobile device. Share a collection.

Edge Collections and Google Collections I have previously been using Google on my android phone as browser and have a number of items added to collections. The problem with using google on my android phone is that it doesn't seem allow multiple tabs and I often like to have that ability so I find this restricting and frustrating.

Had the same issue, but all my collections returned (whew!). Here's what I did: 1. Type (Alt+F) to open Settings & more. 2. Select Help and Feedback, then About Microsoft Edge. 3. Microsoft Edge will automatically update and/or finish updating to Version 85.0.564.23 (Official build) beta (64-bit) 4. Restart Edge browser when prompted

I'm running the latest version of Edge for android. Currently, I'm having an issue with the Collections button disappearing. Sometimes it is present, and other times it is just missing. It looks like edge did before they implemented collections on android. I have tried reinstalling, and while this does fix the issue, it reoccurs after 24 hours.

Congratulations on the new Edge, Microsoft! Nice, first step in the right direction and hopefully a great contender to Google's Chrome stronghold! The Desktop version imported almost everything nicely from Chrome, including Favorites, passwords, history, etc. The Mobile version on Android, however, does not have any of the Favorites sync'ed.