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I have installed Edge on an iPad Air 4. I can't seem to find Collections. There is no menu or drawer at bottom of Edge. I use Windows PCs and would like to use synced Collections on the iPad. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Any assistance appreciated, Graham

Collections in Microsoft Edge helps you keep track of your ideas on the web, whether you're shopping, planning a trip, collecting notes for research or lesson plans, or just want to pick up where you left off the last time you were browsing the internet. Whatever you're doing on the web, Collections can help.

Collections won't always sync between devices, often a default Collection name does not sync to reflect an edited Collection title. I have taken to click off sync for collections in settings on each device to trigger a sync, BUT more often than not it crashes Edge, the Restore option appearing on restart.

Re: Collections on iPad and iPhone. @djfett I am having the same issue. I have created a Collection on Edge (new) for MacOS and it appears on my edge for Android phone but doesnโ€™t appear on either my iPhone or iPad. Have Sync turned on, have tried turning it off and back on and re-installing edge a few times but nothing works.