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Select the Settings and more icon, then Settings. Under Show the favorites bar, switch the toggle to on. In Internet Explorer 11 In Internet Explorer, press and hold (or right-click) any empty space in the area above the address bar.

In Microsoft Edge,select Settings and more > Favorites > Manage favorites. Under Favorites, right-click Favorites bar and then choose Open all, or Open all in new window, or Open all in new InPrivate window. Note: This topic is for the new Microsoft Edge. Get help for the legacy version of Microsoft Edge.

On Microsoft Edge, click the More icon at the upper-right corner of the window. Choose Settings from the list. Under Favorites, click on View favorites settings. Turn on the Show the favorites bar option.

Fix the Favorites Side-Bar in Edge Graye (Community Advisor) back in October 2019 said, " Modern versions of Edge already have this feature.... if you "pin" the vertical favorites pane, it will remember this setting and keep the favorites pinned.