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To turn on the favorites bar, select Always. To turn off the favorites bar, select Never. To show the favorites bar only in a new tab, select Only on new tabs. In Internet Explorer 11. In Internet Explorer, press and hold (or right-click) any empty space in the area above the address bar. From the context menu, select Favorites bar.

Select Settings and more > Settings > and then turn on Show the favorites bar. To open all the favorites bar sites with one click, select Favorites, press and hold (or right-click) Favorites bar, and then select Open all.

Favorites, located at the top of the Folder Pane, contain shortcuts to folders you frequently use. No folders are added or removed when you turn on or off Favorites —it only changes whether the section appears in the Folder Pane. There is also no effect on folders in the main folder list. In Mail, click View > Folder Pane > Favorites.

Select Hub  to view your favorites, reading list, browsing history, and current downloads. Looking for your favorites? In the Hub , choose Favorites  and then select Import favorites. 73 people found this reply helpful