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On the File tab, select Open > Browse to locate the damaged file. Select the file, select the Open menu at the bottom of the window, and then select Open and Repair. This option repairs the damage to the file, and then opens the file.

(Note: a properly-working Word file does not have an "Unblock" button displayed). Next, you should be able to open this file without further problems. If you encountered this problem in many of your files, you may try the following steps: first, move these files into the same folder, open Word 2010, and then click "File", and click "Options".

Replied on September 22, 2020. Right click on the file in the File Explorer and then click on Properties and check the Unblock box. Hope this helps, Doug Robbins - MVP Office Apps & Services (Word) Screen shots by Snagit from 2 people found this reply helpful.

1. Whenever you face this issue, just press the Windows Key + E combination on keyboard. This will launch File Explorer, in the ribbon, click View tab. Then click Options -> Change folder and search options.