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Win+G it with Xbox Game Bar, the customizable, gaming overlay built into Windows 10. Xbox Game Bar works with most PC games, giving you instant access to widgets for screen capture and sharing, finding new teammates with LFG, and chatting with Xbox friends across Xbox console, mobile, and PC—all without leaving your game.

Monitor and manage your live stream to Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube with Gamecaster Game Bar. Start your stream, interact with chat, mute your microphone, track your followers, subscribers and other events, watch your live stream preview, and much more, without ever having to leave your game!

Enable Xbox Game Bar Press the Windows logo key+I to open Windows Settings. The focus moves to the search field. Type xbox, press the Down arrow key to browse the search results until you hear "Enable Xbox Game Bar," and press Enter.

Xbox Game Bar is built in to Windows 10 so you can capture videos and screenshots while playing PC games. While you're playing a game, press the Windows logo key + G on your keyboard to open Xbox Game Bar. If you have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller plugged in to your PC, press the Xbox button.. Select Record from now (the circle) to start a clip, then Stop recording (the square) to end it.