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The previous Windows Ink Workspace included Sticky Notes and Sketchpad. You can still use Sticky Notes to jot down reminders or note your ideas. To access Sticky Notes see Get started with Sticky Notes. Sketchpad is only available in older releases of Windows.

Make any place your workspace. If time and space are limited, trade in the keyboard and mouse for a digital pen. Bus, ... A pen that moves at the speed of thought. Even though these digital pens don't have ink, they feel like they do. With innovative and responsive Windows Ink technology—your pen flows as fast as your ideas. 1.

Windows Ink Workspace not opening properly For some reason when I click to open my windows ink workspace, instead of the whole bar in the side and all, it only opens a small bar (pic below) I can't find any way to go back to the normal setting and I already tried restarting the computer . I have a DELL Inspiron 157000 2 in 1 Windows 10 ...

I have tried rebooting and turning Ink workspace on and off from settings and taskbar. It is only showing me Whiteboard and Fullscreen snip. Did Windows do away with sketchpad, forcing me to login

Windows Ink for non-touch devices How can i get windows ink to my non-touch PC ?. I am very intrested in using the windows Ink. ... Right click the taskbar select "Show Windows Ink Workspace button" This puts an icon on the taskbar. Click on it and use you mouse.-----If this answers your question - Then mark it so. Then others may find it.