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In the Insights pane, select Settings (the gear icon). In the Set lunch hours area, select the edit (pencil) option: Change the values in the Start and/or End fields. Select Update. Set lunch hours through the Set lunch hours card. In the Insights pane, locate Set lunch hours: Use the options that are described in the following table. Insight ...

Insights will surface activity data from all channels within a class team, but can only be added as a tab to public channels. Insights is available in class teams only and cannot be added to staff or PLC teams. In Teams, navigate to the class team you want to add Insights to. Select  to add a new tab.

The insights you see in the add-in are only available to you. No admin or manager can see these insights. They are computed as needed, from the your email and meeting information, and are never stored outside your mailbox. Additionally, the add-in begins processing data for insights only after the first time you open it.