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Instead, Lists, which are immutable, singly-linked lists, are typically preferred. An F# List provides an ordered, immutable series of values, and is supported for use in functional-style development. When used from F#, the List<T> class is typically referred to by the ResizeArray<'T> type abbreviation to avoid naming conflicts with F# Lists

Use lists consistently across sites If your group works with several types of lists, you can add consistency across multiple lists with content types, site columns, and templates. These features enable you to reuse the settings and list structure in an efficient way.

List resource. 09/11/2017; 2 minutes to read +3; In this article. Namespace: microsoft.graph. The list resource represents a list in a site.This resource contains the top level properties of the list, including template and field definitions.

Phrase Lists are used to identify known phrases in audio data, like a person's name or a specific location. As an example, if you have a command "Move to" and a possible destination of "Ward" that may be spoken, you can add an entry of "Move to Ward". Adding a phrase will increase the probability that when the audio is recognized that "Move to ...

For information and an example about how to retrieve list data within the context of the SharePoint Foundation 2010 Silverlight object model, see Using the Silverlight Object Model. See Also Concepts. Data Retrieval Overview. SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model Guidelines. How to: Create, Update, and Delete Lists