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With News Live Tiles you can easily create them yourselves within seconds! The live tiles will update automatically with the latest news from the site. - Notifications and live tile updates for new news items - Support for almost all news sites - Find the settings of your favorite site via the search function - Pin sites from in the sample ...

Live tiles include a number in the bottom right hand corner. This is to show how many notifications you have within the app. Live Tiles flick between the App logo and the Live Notification. Take Mail for example. Mail App in Windows 10 - taken from my Start Menu (Picture 2) In the picture above - Picture 2 - you will notice that the Logo ...

Features. Pin any RSS Feed as a Live Tile on your Start Menu - As many as you want ! All Tile Sizes supported. Customize the look of your Tiles with XML - Add pictures and change which elements are shown! Clicking on a pinned tile opens the Feed in a special view. Support for website favicons and RSS atom:icons.

Step 2. Customize tile design. Preview image will be changed. Step 3. Press [Set Tile] to generate tile images and schedule live tiles. Step 4. (optional) Right-click or click right-bottom button to pin additional tiles (up to 3). - featuring digital display fonts by Yourname, Inc. - Due to limitation of live tile, 'seconds' cannot be displayed.