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Develop healthy digital habits. Set screen time limits that apply to devices, apps, and games. When screen time runs out, choose to add more or not, based on what’s right for you and your family. App and game limits (Windows, Xbox, Android) Device limits (Windows, Xbox) Screen time requests. Activity summaries.

All of the family safety settings work in Microsoft Edge. When the whole family uses it as their browser, it's easier to explore the web safely. Get started. Peace of mind on the go. With Microsoft Family Safety installed on your family's phones, you can set app limits, see their activity, and spot them on a map.

Microsoft Family Safety helps you to facilitate a dialogue with your kids about the time they are spending on their devices and type of content they are viewing. The app provides transparency on where everyone is spending time online and allows you to create flexible schedules to carve out more time for things like online learning.

Microsoft Family Safety provides you full control around how and why data is collected and used. Unlike other location-tracking apps, your family’s location data will not be sold or shared with insurance companies or data brokers. These are just a few ways my family has benefited from the app.