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The Mixed Reality spectrum. Since Mixed Reality blends both physical and digital worlds, these two realities define the polar ends of a spectrum known as the virtuality continuum. We refer to the array of realities as the Mixed Reality spectrum. On the left-hand side, we have the physical reality that we as humans exist in.

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Mixed reality is the result of blending the physical world with the digital world. It is the next evolution in human, computer, and environment interaction and unleashes possibilities that until now were only restricted to our imaginations.

Explore the expanding world of Mixed Reality applications with Windows Mixed Reality, Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK), Unity, Unreal, and more for HoloLens and Windows Immersive Headsets. Whether you're a designer, developer, IT professional, we have the right curated path to get you walking before you ...

Mixed Reality is a big place, a nexus where real and virtual worlds collide with a bang. The possibilities are endless, and it starts with you. Choose your engine, download your tools, and dust off your keyboard. Welcome to the Mixed Reality ecosystem - it's time to create.