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Windows Mixed Reality combines the thrill of virtual reality mixed with augmented reality in gaming, travel & streaming - now available in Windows 10. Experience portability, affordability & more content than you can imagine.

New mixed reality capabilities have arrived. Equip your workforce with mixed reality applications on the mobile devices they already use. Learn more about the mobile capabilities currently in preview for Product Visualize and Remote Assist.

Mixed reality is a blend of the physical world and digital world. In mixed reality, digital information is represented by holograms—objects made of light and sound—that appear in the space around you.

The best way to experience Windows Mixed Reality 14 is with a new Windows Mixed Reality-ready PC. 13 You’ll enjoy crisp realistic movement, immersive visuals and spatial audio. For the most vivid graphics, a 90 frames per second refresh rate and an expanded selection of experiences, choose Windows Mixed Reality Ultra. 12 See the specs

Mixed Reality Portal is the desktop app that takes you through Windows Mixed Reality setup. It also serves as the command center on your PC for your mixed reality experience. In Mixed Reality Portal, you can: Display a livestream of the view in your headset (Windows Mixed Reality Ultra only).