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The myday mobile app provides an easy-to-use, personalised and effective system for you to manage everything you need to make a success of your learning. The app provides you with everything you need in one place and with notifications to keep you updated, myday will be your go-to app for your learning and education experience.

My Day: Plan your Goals. A minimal Todo app for planning daily tasks, adding steps, mark tasks as important, and many unique and exciting features coming soon.

In My Day, select the Calendar tab to view your upcoming events. Select an event to see more details. To create a new event, select New event. To change the day you're viewing, select the date at the top of the panel. Select Switch views to switch between agenda view and day view.

The My Day smart list resets every night, so you have a blank slate to add the tasks you want to accomplish each day. Any tasks in My Day that aren't completed before the list resets will be saved to your Tasks list and included in your suggestions the following day.