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With Office 365 Personal, you and your family get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more. Work anywhere with apps that are always updated and sign into 5 devices at a time. Available in a yearly or monthly subscription. Your subscription will continue until cancelled.

Als je je abonnement op Office 365 Personal of Office 365 voor Hoger Onderwijs activeert voordat je abonnement op Office 365 Home afloopt, wordt de resterende tijd van je Office 365 Home-abonnement overgezet naar Office 365 Personal of Office 365 voor Hoger Onderwijs (afhankelijk van welke je hebt gekozen).

The Office 365 Personal would not activate on my computer. I had forgotten that I had a similar problem last year and have been unable to use product. In a moment of tiredness I purchased the same product again only to find the same difficulty. I now had two subscriptions for the same products running concurrently and unable to use the product.

Office 365 Home vs Personal I understand less and less from Microsoft, and it could be old age. For years we buy Office 365 Home. We have it installed on 3 devices. We have a household of 2 people, and use one account. With that account we both log in, we both use Word, Excel and occasionally both use Publisher.

Cu Office 365 Personal, pentru acasă dvs. și familia dvs. beneficiați de Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook și multe altele. Lucrați de oriunde cu aplicații care sunt mereu actualizate și conectați-vă pe 5 dispozitive simultan. Disponibile într-un abonament anual sau lunar. Abonamentul va continua până la anulare.