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April 2021 Update Tuesday packages now available. Today is Update Tuesday – our commitment to provide a predictable monthly schedule to release updates and provide the latest protection to our customers. Update Tuesday is a monthly cycle when Microsoft releases patches for vulnerabilities that we have found proactively or that have been ...

Most critical security updates (and some non-security updates) are released on Patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of the month). On the fourth Tuesday of the month (e.g., today), many Optional & non-security updates are released.

Microsoft schedules the release of security updates on "Patch Tuesday," the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM PST. Depending on time zone(s) in which the organization operates, IT pros should plan their deployment schedules accordingly. Please note that there are some products that do not follow the Patch Tuesday schedule.

Two weeks from today is Patch Tuesday, which will provide the April 2020 security update for supported versions of Windows. A couple of weeks ago I published a blog detailing the options and configuration available in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager to allow a remotely managed PC to intelligently leverage the broadband connection ...