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Quick Assist is a Windows 10 application that enables a person to share their device with another person over a remote connection. Your support staff can use it to remotely connect to a user’s device and then view its display, make annotations, or take full control.

Quick Assist is a new app in Windows 10 that enables you to receive or provide assistance over a remote connection. We encourage you to try Quick Assist for a more streamlined, easy-to-use experience. Open Quick Assist. Select Start > Quick Assist. Give assistance

Quick Assist is a Windows 10 app. It allows someone you trust to take over your computer and help you solve a problem. To get started, your helper needs to launch the Quick Assist app, get a 6-digit code, and share that with you.

We can't uninstall Quick Assist since it is a built-in application in Windows 10. You can do a reset of Windows 10 to remove it, or create a new user account. Please follow the steps below: 1. Create new user account.