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In this quickstart, you learned how to enroll a Windows 10 device into Intune. You can learn about other ways to enroll devices across all platforms. For more information about using devices with Intune, see Use managed devices to get work done. To follow this series of Intune quickstarts, continue to the next quickstart.

To complete this quickstart, you must first create a user and create a group. Sign in to Intune. Sign in to the Intune as a Global Administrator or an Intune Service Administrator. If you have created an Intune Trial subscription, the account you created the subscription with is the Global administrator. Set up Windows 10 automatic enrollment

In this quickstart you will use Microsoft Intune to set the length of the password required for Android devices.

Quickstart overview. The following quickstarts enable you to quickly create a managed instance, configure a virtual machine or point to site VPN connection for client application, and restore a database to your new managed instance using a .bak file. Configure environment

In this quickstart, you will use Microsoft Intune to send an email notification to the members of your workforce that have noncompliant devices. By default, when Intune detects a device that isn't compliant, Intune immediately marks the device as noncompliant.