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Reminders will take care of all those events and deadlines that you need to remember in a daily basis, and alert you right on time. Unlimited reminders You can create unlimited reminders, perfect for timing your soft-boiled eggs, coffee brewing or tea steeping and check back anytime to see all reminders due, stacked in a beautiful, crisp and ...

Automatically dismiss reminders for past events. If you don't want to see reminders for events in the past, you can tell Outlook to automatically dismiss reminders for past events. For example, if you're out of the office for three days, you might not want to come back and see reminders for the meetings that took place while you were gone.

Edit reminders: You can edit your reminders in the Microsoft To Do app on your phone or PC.. Cancel a reminder: To cancel a reminder you’ve already created, go to the Microsoft To Do app on your phone or PC.You can delete it from there. To cancel a reminder while you’re creating it, just say “Cancel” at any time.

Any way, the fact that calendar reminders are not working on 2 different PCs tells me that adding a new profile will be a waste of time. I'm going to use my laptop today so will see if they are working on it. This is a huge problem for me. I've missed meetings and tasks because I have not received reminders.

Use due dates and reminders to keep everything on track. Scheduled tasks will automatically appear in the Planned smart list. Just open Planned to see your tasks due …