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10 tips to collaborate for remote and onsite work with Teams Whether you’re working remotely or returning to the workplace, Teams enables you to do your best work from anywhere. Read the e-book

Now, more than ever, remote work capabilities are vital. Ensure your workforce is as efficient working from home as they were at the office. In this webinar you’ll learn how Microsoft Azure Active Directory helps improve efficiency while maintaining the right balance of productivity and security for remote workers.

Remote work can create challenges to maintaining a healthy work culture and managing change. Modern social and engagement platforms can help make sure messages are heard, leadership is visible, and best practices are shared. In our company, Satya Nadella and other executives connect with the organization using live events and Yammer.

Enabling remote work: Our remote infrastructure design and Zero Trust In this informative webinar, experts from Microsoft Digital answer frequently asked questions around how VPN, modern device management, and Zero Trust come together to deliver a world class remote work platform.