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In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Safety.; Select Turn on Windows Defender SmartScreen or Turn off Windows Defender SmartScreen. (Only the option that's not currently selected is displayed.) Note: If you don't have Windows Defender enabled, the options are Turn on SmartScreen Filter and Turn off SmartScreen Filter.

Benefits of Windows Defender SmartScreen. Windows Defender SmartScreen helps to provide an early warning system against websites that might engage in phishing attacks or attempt to distribute malware through a socially-engineered attack.

To use Windows Security to set up Windows Defender SmartScreen on a device. Open the Windows Security app, and then click App & browser control.. In the App & browser control screen, choose from the following options:. In the Check apps and files area:. Block. Stops employees from downloading and running unrecognized apps and files from the web.

Windows Defender SmartScreen works with Intune, Group Policy, and mobile device management (MDM) settings to help you manage your organization's computer settings. Based on how you set up Windows Defender SmartScreen, you can show employees a warning page and let them continue to the site, or you can block the site entirely.

windows defender smartscreen unreachable - windows 10 Chrome has stopped working- it does not recognize the internet, however my internet is fully connected and other apps can access it without issue. Tried to troubleshoot: - closed Chrome app & reopened - didn't work ...