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Windows Defender SmartScreen determines whether a site is potentially malicious by: Analyzing visited webpages looking for indications of suspicious behavior. If Windows Defender Smartscreen determines that a page is suspicious, it will show a warning page to advise caution.

SmartScreen also checks the files that you download against a list of files that are well known and downloaded by many people who use Internet Explorer. If the file that you're downloading isn't on that list, SmartScreen will warn you. What can I do if SmartScreen warns me about a site I visit, but it's not unsafe?

To use Windows Security to set up Windows Defender SmartScreen on a device. Open the Windows Security app, and then click App & browser control.. In the App & browser control screen, choose from the following options:. In the Check apps and files area:. Block. Stops employees from downloading and running unrecognized apps and files from the web.

Recommended Group Policy and MDM settings for your organization. By default, Windows Defender SmartScreen lets employees bypass warnings. Unfortunately, this can let employees continue to an unsafe site or to continue to download an unsafe file, even after being warned.

SmartScreen filter will not turn off no matter how many times I "turn it off." The filter will not allow me to download from 4Shared site. Since I have a paid subscription to 4Shared, this is very annoying. I contacted 4Shared and they are "investigating." No words from Microsoft. SmartScreen Filter is blocking any/all downloads from that one site.