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The tracking prevention feature in Microsoft Edge is made up of three main components that work together to determine whether a specific resource from a website should be classified as a tracker and blocked. The components are as follows: Classification - The way Microsoft Edge determines whether a URL belongs to a tracker.

Under Tracking prevention, select Exceptions. Select Add a site, type in the full URL, and then select Add. You can also create an exception directly from the site. Go to the site you want to add as an exception for tracking prevention. Select View site information on the side of the address bar. Under Tracking prevention, select Off from the ...

Improving Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge Blog ( If an individual user of your game wasn't a regular user of this organizations services they could choose to adjust their Tracking Prevention mode or if they felt comfortable disable it completely on just your site from the Page Info flyout (by the lock in the ...

Everything works fine except tracking prevention. It always reports zero trackers blocked, no matter what websites I visit or what blocking method I use "Balanced" or "Strict". The same list of websites on my girlfriend's Windows 10 machine do have trackers blocked successfully when visiting with MS Edge Chromium.