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For a list of URLs you should unblock for your Windows Virtual Desktop deployment to work as intended, see our Safe URL list.. Windows Virtual Desktop comprises the Windows desktops and apps you deliver to users and the management solution, which is hosted as a service on Azure by Microsoft.

An understanding of the basics of using the Visual Studio IDE. If you've used Windows desktop apps before, you can probably keep up. For an introduction, see Visual Studio IDE feature tour. An understanding of enough of the fundamentals of the C++ language to follow along. Don't worry, we don't do anything too complicated.

Understanding the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 09/08/2020; 3 minutes to read; In this article. This article describes the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that's used for communication between the Terminal Server and the Terminal Server Client.

If you would know how hard some of us fought to get the Start Menu and desktop back into Windows 10, then you'd understand why I ask because it is so much more like Windows 7 than Windows 8/8.1 that is usually makes for a smooth transition. The Apps can be ignored and hidden to customize your Start Menu as you wish: