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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update includes additional features and improvements for your Windows 10 phone. To manually check for the update, on Start, swipe over to the All apps list, then select Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates.

1) Go to Windows Update, by opening the start menu, click on ‘Settings’ / Updates & security or in the ‘Search box’ type: update' and open ‘Check for Updates’. This will prep your system with any last minute minor updates before you install the Fall Creators Update.

Cumulative Updates for .NET Framework 4.8 are new starting with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709). On the left side of this page, you can find a list of all the cumulative updates for .NET Framework 4.8 that were released for this version of Windows. You can also find more information about releases and any known issues.

What's New in Fall Creators Update .NET for UWP apps , the set of managed types that can be used to build Universal Windows Platform apps using C# or Visual Basic, has been augmented with thousands of new APIs to make it compliant with .NET Standard 2.0.