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Select Windows Ink Workspace from the taskbar to open it. From here, you can select Whiteboard or Fullscreen Snip. (You can also select More and Learn more about pen or access Pen settings .) Tip: Press the top button on your pen once to quickly open Microsoft Whiteboard, or double-press it to open Snip & Sketch.

Bamboo Ink Plus pen from Wacom. Optimized for Windows Ink and works with a wide range of Windows 10 touchscreens. Plus, exchangeable nibs offer plenty of writing options. 1 Pen capable tablet or PC required.

Use Window Ink to plan your month or week just like a paper calendar! Draw and highlight in different colors to plan your day with a pen. Ink Calendar replicates the enjoyable experience of putting an X through each day as it ends and putting a big red circle around important days. Use a pen, mouse, or touch to draw on each month or week.

Sample code. Throughout this tutorial, we use a sample ink app to demonstrate the concepts and functionality discussed. Download this Visual Studio sample and source code from GitHub at windows-appsample-get-started-ink sample:. Select the green Clone or download button; If you have a GitHub account, you can clone the repo to your local machine by choosing Open in Visual Studio