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Windows Sandbox is a new lightweight desktop environment tailored for safely running applications in isolation. How many times have you - 301849

Since the initial announcement of Windows Sandbox, we have receiv ed overwhelmingly positive feedback. Thank you for your support! We are glad that t his feature resonates with the Windows community.. One of the most requested features from our customers is the ability to automatically launch an app or script in the sandbox.

Windows Sandbox Editor This tool allows you to generte and manage Windows Sandbox by using configuration file aka WSB file. What it does ? The tool is composed of four tabs: Basic infos Mapped folders Command Overview: View the current configuration file Basic infos Set Sand

For me the sandbox was working with some VPNs and for some it was blocked. After the latest windows update for Win 10 pro, sandbox is not working with any of the VPNs. As of now I can use sandbox with out any issues , if the VPN is disconnected. I have enabled "Containers", "Hyper-v" and "Windows Sandbox" under the "Turn Windows features on or ...

I had updated my Windows 10 Pro to latest version i.e. 1903 and also its Virtualization is enabled but still, the Windows Sandbox feature is not available in "Turn Windows Features On & Off". So what

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