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For information about each servicing tool available for Windows 10, see Servicing tools. To align with this new update delivery model, Windows 10 has three servicing channels, each of which provides different levels of flexibility over when these updates are delivered to client computers.

Windows 10 spreads the traditional deployment effort of a Windows upgrade, which typically occurred every few years, over smaller, continuous updates. With this change, you must approach the ongoing deployment and servicing of Windows differently. A strong Windows 10 deployment strategy begins with establishing a simple, repeatable process for ...

Below is a quick guide that will put you on your way to improving the way you deploy and service Windows 10 on all your devices. And, best of all, this year Microsoft Ignite is free so there's no reason not to attend! Simply register at and start building your schedule.

Windows 10 uses Delivery Optimization, a cloud-based downloader, to download Windows Updates, apps from the Store, and other Microsoft products.To get these files onto your PC quickly and reliably, Delivery Optimization identifies the best source for your download and dynamically optimizes how much bandwidth your PC uses in the process.