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It's now easier than ever to simplify the way you roll out updates across your organization. Download the Update Baseline for Windows 10 today and start evaluating the proposed baselines. We hope you find this new resource helpful and look forward to any feedback you'd like to leave in the comments section below.

Learn how to roll out in waves to validate your apps and infrastructure before rolling out to your entire organization. Further, learn how to maximize your overall time on a Windows supported update and increase your opportunity to catch issues that may later impact your organization by leveraging the Windows Insider Program for Business.

You can select to roll out your update on the Packages page of an updated submission. To do so, check the box that says Roll out update gradually after this submission is published (to Windows 10 customers only). Then enter the percentage of customers who should get the update when the submission is first published.

Using the different servicing channels allows you to deploy Windows 10 "as a service," which conceives of deployment as a continual process of updates that roll out across the organization in waves. In this approach, an update is plugged into this process and while it runs, you monitor for anomalies, errors, or user impact and respond as issues ...