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Wireless Projection over an existing Wi-Fi network. It has been observed that in 90% of cases, when a User starts a Wireless Projection stream, the device they are using is already connected to an existing Wi-Fi network, either in a home or a business.

Understand what wireless projection capabilities Windows 10 supports. Understand what features and functionality need to be implemented. Select the best hardware for your product. Implement the various functionality listed herein. And lastly, provide methods to validate your implementation. All of this is provided to help create a best-in-class ...

Microsoft's Wireless Display app lets you wirelessly project your Windows or Android based devices to your Xbox One. - Instantly share photos you've just taken with family and friends without having the photos sync through a cloud service. - Share video clips you’ve recorded with family and friends - Project your favorite websites with ...

Windows Wireless Projection over an existing network functionality leverages and builds upon functionality originally provided by Miracast such as using Wi-Fi Direct for discovery and using RTSP for transporting the video stream but includes a separate mechanism to identify the route to the receiver over the existing network connection.