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Here is a guide, written by the author of Smarter Working, for establishing an effective work from home strategy. I’ve written a number of blogs and articles over the last few years about the many virtues of Smarter Working – the idea that appropriate collaboration technology can facilitate people working online from anywhere and at any time.

Guide to working from home General guidance, tips, and resources for employees during the COVID-19 outbreak As of March 17, 2020. Our global concern As a global community working together to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus, many of you

Working from home or remote work presents its challenges and opportunities. Here are six proven tips to help you successfully work from home. These tips are useful whether your remote work is because of challenging times or because you’re a distributed worker. Working from home tip #1: Have the right tools

But how can you manage successfully when you’re working apart? We share what we’ve learned about managing remotely in the work-from-home guide. This includes reinforcing inclusion, checking in often, and coaching your teammates to help discover their own best practices for remote work. Every employee faces unique challenges right now, and ...