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Learn about our accessibility journey with the employees across Microsoft who have helped build products to enrich the lives of people with disabilities. Want to learn more about accessibility features in Windows 10 and Microsoft 365? View our webinars to get direct help and productivity tips. Need ...

Microsoft accessibility features. There is no limit to what people can achieve when technology reflects the diversity of all who use it. Read on to find out how people at home, school, and work can achieve more with the built-in accessibility tools and features in Microsoft technologies.

Windows 10 Accessibility Features. Windows 10 brings meaningful innovation to all people, whether you have a disability, a personal preference, or a unique work style. With a robust set of built-in and third-party accessibility features, Windows 10 lets you choose how to interact with your screen, express ideas, and get work done.

Accessibility resources. Technology empowers people to achieve more, strengthens their educational opportunities, and makes the workplace more inviting and inclusive. More than a billion people in the world live with disabilities. That's why we believe accessibility is essential to our industry—and the progress of all people.

Microsoft Accessibility. Read more about how Microsoft is committed to accessible technologies. Learn about Microsoft accessibility features . Disability Answer Desk. Customers with disabilities get support with Microsoft Office and Windows. Visit the Disability Answer Desk ...