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Use Azure AI services to create the next generation of applications that span an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge powered by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence. Pursuing computing advances to create intelligent machines that complement human reasoning to augment and enrich our experience and competencies. Highlights. Efficient inference for dynamical models using variational autoencoders

A three-year alliance between Louisville and Microsoft will boost the region’s digital transformation and accelerate technology development on 3 key fronts: artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and data science. Learn about the Louisville project. Manufacturing.

HP Inc. handles more than 600 million technical support contacts each year, and the company strives to make every single one a satisfying experience for the customer. To improve both self-service and contact center support delivery, HP built a virtual agent using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI solution for customer service. Customers can now interact conversationally with the assistant to solve ...

We’ve identified six ethical principles to guide the development and use of artificial intelligence with people at the center of everything we do. Partnership on AI is working alongside industry leaders, academics, nonprofits, and specialists to collectively develop best AI practices, and provide ...