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This is a scam. This is not a legitimate call from Microsoft. Neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) about your computer security or software fixes. If you receive a call like this one, it’s a scam, and all you need to do is hang up.

phone call scams claiming to be Microsoft. OT: phone call scams. I have been called twice from an indian accented person claiming they are from windows sevice centre, he says that my computer has been hacked and they want my details to "fix the issues".

Most phishing attempts arrive via email, but they can also come via text messages, direct messages on social media, or even phone calls (what we call "Vishing"). What they all have in common are: A trusted sender. The message or call will appear to come from a person or organization you trust.

Microsoft and others have been warning folks about Tech Support Scams for some time. Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls, display pop-up alerts in your browser to call a support number or send unsolicited email messages to request personal or financial information or to fix your computer.. Protect yourself from tech support scams; Tech support scams

Scam Microsoft phone call. Hi, I received a phone call from a pretty obvious scammer who said he worked for Microsoft and that my computer had been hacked and taken over by foreign hackers. I was sure he was a scammer, but was curious to find out what he wanted to do, so played him along for about 30 minutes. 1.