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Collections is ideal for collections of movies, but not restricted to. You may create collections of stamps, stickers, cards, devices or as said, anything! The primary idea of Collections is that you can create and maintain your collections on PC, and then use the phone to browse or search for items in your collections.

Select Collections at the upper-right corner of Microsoft Edge and then Start new collection. To change the title of the collection, select it at the top of the Collections pane. When you're ready to start adding content to your collection, you can do this in several ways: Select Add current page to save an entire webpage to the collection.

Collections provide a more flexible way to work with groups of objects. Unlike arrays, the group of objects you work with can grow and shrink dynamically as the needs of the application change. For some collections, you can assign a key to any object that you put into the collection so that you can quickly retrieve the object by using the key.

One information store for all your collections. Store as many collections as you want. Use your camera to take pictures from collection items. All pictures on your hard disk can be used. Search in your collections through Windows Search. Very easy to use with mouse or touch. Automatically adjusts for the device orientation.