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Color Temperature Hello. Tried searching for an answer to this problem but nothing seems to fit. I just got the new Surface Pro 2017 and every time windows is loading or right after it goes to the desktop screen, the colour temperature changes to an orangish tone. First I thought it could be because of the night light thing but it's turned off.

Color Temperature (Change Lux) addon protects your eyes by adding a warm color to websites (i.e. at night time or when the ambient is dark). Using this addon you can avoid excessive blue light and also it makes you sleep much better by protecting you from the blue glow of your computer screen.

Windows 10 Color Temperature Change (Undesired.) (Update?) As the title says seems my whole system has gotten 'WARMER' which I do not want. I need my display to be as color accurate as possible. I am aware of the 'Night Mode' which I used to like to engage after work, but now the controls (as well as a few others are 'Greyed Out' and can't seem ...

Created on August 25, 2020. Help me. I changed the color temperature. I changed the color temperature in the settings. To cinematic. This display setting is more comfortable for me. Now I just can't remember where that tab is. Windows doesn't label it as color temperature and internet search will confuse it with a windows color profile.