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Temperature System on Task Manager
Task Manager should showing the Temperatures on CPU, MotherBoard, GPU, RAM, Hard Drive etc so we don't have to use a Third-Party Program...


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Indicates that the color temperature is adjusted for a daylight scene. Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash: 4: Indicates that the color temperature is adjusted for a scene lit by a flash. Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent: 5: Indicates that the color temperature is adjusted for a scene lit by fluorescent light. Manual Manual ...

You should see a distinct difference. This is similar to using colored filters on a camera lens. The increment numbers I think are K for kelvin, which is a unit of measurement for temperature. Now, to learn more about this, simply Google "color temperature" or "picture color temperature" and also look up "kelvin". Lots of information on it out ...

Several issues about screen (brightness, color temperature, touch, pen, and so on) I know that these issues have been reported by other people, but I encountered more than one issues. And some of my issues are different from others.

The GetMonitorCapabilities function also returns the range of color temperatures that the monitor supports. The ctCurrentColorTemperature parameter must correspond to one of these values. Changing the color temperature changes the monitor's white point. It can also change the current drive and gain settings.

Is there a way to change the gamma settings and temperature settings numerically within windows 7 color management section? I used to have this setting in XP before I recently upgraded to windows 7 but for some reason I don't have it anymore.