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Couldn't possibly be more colorblind, and you have shown me this. Thank you for the specificity on types of red green colorblindness. 0 out of 0 people found this helpful. T. Reviewed By thrilochan. Mobile. 5 5 User Rating: 5 out of 5. Submitted on 3/18/2015. Review title of thrilochan.

Colors and Words are easy to distinguish but mix them both, you will have a Fun, Exciting, Fast-Pace and Confusing game. Color Blind is a game of Accuracy and Speed, it test your capability distinguishing between Colors and Words, test your mind in this exciting game.

Excel add-in for color blindness In Excel 2003, as you hovered over a colour in the colour palette, its name was displayed as a tool-tip. However, in Excel 2010, this does not happen. Is there an add-in to reset this feature as it is difficult for someone who is colour blind to distinguish someof the colours? This thread is locked. ...

If it's hard to see what's on the screen, apply a color filter. Color filters change the color palette on the screen and can help you distinguish between things that differ only by color.